Dot Day: September 15ish

“Everything starts from a dot.” Wassily Kandinsky 

Happy International Dot Day! We began our annual Dot Day tradition by reading Peter Reynold’s wonderful book, The Dot. After the story, we had a class discussion where we reminded all of our students that they are special and  unique artists who are capable of making beautiful works of art. In the words of Peter Reynolds, our goal this year is to create a learning environment that encourages our students to “make their mark and see where it takes them.” Please take a look at some of our “Dot” inspired activities.The students were invited to trace their names with markers and then use bingo dabbers to decorate them.

img_1649  img_1619 img_1625 img_1624  img_1618   img_1638    img_1634 img_1632

Thank you to all our students who came prepared for “International Dot Day” with dot inspired clothing. Our students wore dot-covered shirts, hats, pants, tights, socks and sweaters. Great job room 101!

A special thank you to J.C & I.C. And family for providing dots for all our friends to wear! 😊❤️

“Just make a mark and see where it takes you.” The Dot

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